Saputo Neapolitan Pizza Stones are imported from Italy to the US via Tuscan Imports / Fontana Forni USA



In 1991, I developed a deep affection for Italy. My family lived in the heart of Tuscany near my wife’s hometown of Firenze. As I was there, I learned to love the culture, the land, the food, & the people. I especially had grown to appreciate their love for art and craftsmanship. When we return to United States in 1998, we decided to bring some of Italy with us. We applied stucco to the walls of our home, built old brick arches, & even put a wood burning brick oven in our yard. I also brought a large assortment of terracotta so that we could recreate Italy in our home and garden.

Very quickly I realized we were not the only ones who appreciate quality terracotta. So In 1998 I began, Tuscan Imports, a business specializing in the importing of terracotta pottery from Impruneta, Italy. Through the years the business has sold terracotta to a wide variety of clients including hotels, institutions, & estates. Because of this, we now have one of the largest selections of Italian terracotta available in the North America.


In 2008, I discovered a phenomenal portable outdoor pizza oven made by Italian manufacturer, Fontana Forni. Because I was so impressed with their product as a customer, I pursued a partnership with the company. So I began selling their pizza ovens in the United States. This arrangement proved to be beneficial for us both. Shortly thereafter, we quickly worked out a distribution partnership and became the sole North American distributor for their product as Fontana Forni USA.

All of this naturally led to our discovery of Saputo Pizza stones. We are excited to be offering their product in North America. As demand and interest have grown, so has our businesses. My sons now help with the sales and order fulfillment. My wife and daughter head up our social media. As a family business we prioritize honest, personal customer service with some of the best products Italy has to offer. As a matter of fact, we’ve built many friendships and partnerships over the years. And of course we’re excited to continue building new relationships on a daily basis. What a blessing it has been!

Kirk Laing

Tuscan Imports
Fontana Forni USA


If you have questions about Saputo Stones and their availability in North America please feel free to contact us.¬†We’d be more than happy to talk to you about the product.